Examen de Manejo de Motocicleta en South Carolina Gratis

Número de pruebas: 16
Numero de preguntas: 30
Puntaje de aprobación: 6
Instrucciones: Para obtener su licencia de motociclista en Carolina del Sur, usted debe aprobar un examen de conocimientos y un examen de habilidades en motocicleta. El examen de conocimientos consiste de 30 preguntas que provienen del Manual de Motocicleta. Cada pregunta tiene tres o cuatro opciones de respuesta. Para aprobar usted debe recibir una puntuación de 24 o más. No existe un manual en español. Sin embargo, el examen puede tomarse en español.
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The gearshift is located:
By the left footrest.
By the right footrest.
By the right handle grip.
A sign that your rear tire has suddenly gone flat is that:
The back of your motorcycle is swaying from side to side.
You heard a loud noise.
A discharge of air can be seen.
When entering a curve, you should always position your motorcycle:
On the left side of the lane.
In a position that allows you to most effectively see and be seen.
In the center of the lane.
When it starts to rain, it is usually best to:
Ride in the center of the lane.
Pull onto the shoulder and wait for it to stop raining.
Ride in the tire tracks left by other vehicles.
Riding directly alongside another vehicle is:
Safe because you are in a separate lane.
Recommended because it blocks the wind.
Not recommended because you may be in the driver's blind spot.
You should operate the engine cut-off switch and pull in the clutch when:
The throttle is stuck and you cannot free it.
You start to lose control in a curve.
The motorcycle starts to wobble.
When being followed by a tailgater, you should:
Change lanes and let them pass or slow down to allow for more space ahead of your motorcycle.
Ignore them.
Increase your speed.
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